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Pra Somdej Wat Phra Kaew.

Wat Pra Somdej or Kru Wang Na.
      Phra Kru Wang Na was originally to have been made at Wat place Suttawas (Wat Phra Kaew Wang Na), commonly referred to as "His Majesty the Navy and the Royal Prince Wang Na" pioneer in the construction of the Chao Phraya Tipakron Wong Ma Ha Kho Thi BaDi King County. (Navy in the reign of Chao Khun 5) and the Department of the palace reserved place in Chan Chai Mongkol (Wang Na in Rama 5) Director Maha Samana Chao Phraya in the Rain Sw drug equipment. Pra Somdej Phuttha jarn Tho Prom Rangsri.The Uttar Thera (my teacher training I Olkaudr) LP.Thut (the signal Login Register NJ) LP.Ngern Wat Bang Klan Lp.Khum Wat Aumarintra-Rama. LP.Jard Wat Pha Nu Rung Sri and instructor to conduct operations like the temples in the district of Thonburi and then pay for many more.It's a collection of ten among the best in craftsmanship. It's a Fine (Fine Arts) by variations in the skills of individual technicians. Puttpฏima be printed (instead of the Lord Buddha's) in the form of a pagoda, and print the daily dose Florida chapter of the Somdej Pra Phut Tra Jarn Tho Prom Marung Sri and I imagine many of them.
 History of the creation of Pra Somdej 
Wat Phra Kaew. 
Pra Somdej Wat Phra Kaew is the History of the building is divided into several time periods are approximate.
         1. For in the year. Since 2408. Was originally could not believe how many. Fear is intended to build trust. Later analysis revealed that behalf by experts as a votive tablet, which is carved the template. It was chanted by the King's palace by the grace Somdej Tho in this training, teachers invite Lok Au Don's master page, which is the Royal Palace, the body heals the body is invisible, if not miraculous to me.
          2. In the year 2411 is not officially classified as a votive tablet. Some are inscribed along the year. Since the construction of the example application here. Since 2408 there is a votive tablet, built in the reign of the fourth. If an application. Since 2411 as a votive tablet, built in the reign of the fifth as the template for the votive tablet, but did not catch. King Rama ascended to heaven in the year. Since 2411. And His Majesty King Rama V, it has succeed to the throne in the year. Since 2411. Which this year is no history of a votive tablet Pentahlon Ultimate Fighting glory here.
      Pra Somdej Big Prok Pho Have Gold Sheet Back Magic Holy
          Wang Na was measured by the first of the group began to build the body of the son of the King. Beginning with the creation and design for the first time in the reign of Jao Pra Ya THIPHAGORN Wongmahagosathibadi is nothing in the reign of the Navy 4. The mold was measured by the bell. The magical powder of Somdej Tho time was given to senior officials and the public generally does not contain evidence that any group. Put him in capturing the camp by Fortis in healing the inner Suttawas Wat (Wat Phra Kaeo Wang Na). 

         3. In the year 2412 to 2415 (have not used any other brand. While also capturing the camp he was put to Wang Na votive tablet) until Somdej Tho died Jao Pra Ya Phanuwong Mahagosathibadi. The palaces and sacred place reserved in Chai Chan has joined together to create a votive tablet was up and running some type of mold Wat Ra Kang and technicians, among them ten sinker up some type of measurement, combined with Ra. Kang and use magic powder of Somdej. Tho for the auspicious occasion of the coming glory crowned Twanlis throne of King Rama V King Rama 5. This time it was presented upon the king and the royal family and senior officials. The remaining contents of the pagoda and the Chukchi and the principal body part votive tablet, which has kept them on the ceiling of the temple Wat place Suttawas (Wat Phra Kaeo Wang Na) to the Buddhist tradition continues in the future. 
           4. In the year 2435 King Rama V was the age of 40 years had a Royal Rat Monkey class, capturing the camp. The Royal Palace has built up a votive tablet of a votive tablet s gold leaf. The gems that adorn the back. For coins that have been created in order to build in Italy. It also includes the creation of a Bodhisattva Guan Yin. I was so deeply for the people of China.
                       Pra Somdej Wat Pra Kaew Kru Wang Na

             6. In the year 2444 has been graciously pleased to cast his royal charity model to a destination is the Temple BEN JA MA BA PIT and has built up a votive tablet Phut Ta Chin Na Rat is. memorial held for participants. 
         7. In the year 2451 he turned his horse statue has the shape of a horse votive tablet. And many other prints. With the distribution as a memorial. This is the final version of a votive tablet in the reign of King Rama 5. 
              8. Enter into the reign of King Rama 6 had inherited from his votive tablet of a qualified faculty. The votive tablet LP.Parn Wat Bang Khonom a brick and a powder is LP.Ngern Wat Bang Klan are the craftsmen at the Royal. 
           9. But in the year 2460 in the reign. World War I was a volunteer in Thailand sent troops to help the Allies. The group has held a variety of measures such as offering a votive tablet Wat JunsamosornWat Pracharatbuea-thum Wat Inwarawiharn the rest I need a volunteer military in Asia has led the pack in the pagoda gold color is one of the stupa at Wat Phra Kaew today. 
            Pra Somdej Wat Phra Kaew and all existing mold. 


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  2. Badly Phrased.. re-comment.
    The story told has elements of Truth
    Many amulets however that are presented as WPK or Wang Na amulets are total fakes, especially jewelled or with King Rama 5 image etc..

    The truth has become so obscured because of the deliberate conditioning of the Dtamnan by those who have introduced stories to support their claims to authenticity of many amulets that have and never had anything to do with Wat Pra Kaew, Somdej Toh, or the Wang Na story

    This range of amulet is one of the most risky to enter into speculation with, and only worth serious investment by those who understand the difference between authentic and fake